Video Game Walkthroughs

A video game walkthrough is designed to help players improve their gaming skills and master their favourite video games. The walkthrough acts as a guide that players can follow in order to complete either a particularly difficult section of a game or the entire game. These guides were originally found in specific magazines dedicated to video games, however, they can now be found in digital media and online forums. Sometimes these guides come in the form of a playthrough. A playthrough is a video made by an experienced player who records themselves playing the game to show newbies how it’s done.

How to Create Your Own Walkthrough

If you’re interested in creating your own walkthrough for other players, there are guides that will give you detailed examples and instructions on how to create the most effective walkthrough content. Video walkthroughs can be recorded in a variety of ways. Some players like to use software, such as Screencast, while others prefer to use a video capture device that is connected to another computer. There are also video games that come with their own recording features. If you’re playing Grand Theft Auto on PlayStation 4, for example, you can record and edit your gameplay and then share it via YouTube or Twitch.

The Business of Walkthroughs

Video Walkthroughs have become quite a lucrative business for some savvy players. Due to the immense popularity of video gaming, there are now dedicated streaming channels that make money by showing advertisements alongside the video walkthroughs. These channels support and encourage players to create compelling content to attract visitors to the site. If the content is both entertaining and informative, the player uploading the walkthroughs will gain a large following and this leads to the possibility of cashing in on a percentage of the advertising revenue. If video games continue to attract more and more players, walkthroughs will continue to be a much-coveted resource.