Game Cheats

A video game cheat is a keypad or password integration that activates an effect in the game. It triggers characters in the video game to perform simple activities such as skipping levels, adding bullets to their weapons, walking through walls, gaining the power for endless health or even immortal life.

Cheat modes are frequently left in the end product of the game by beta testers and developers who initially use the codes to test specific functions of the game. In the case of an Easter egg, developers leave them as a hidden treasure so that players can try and find them in the game.

Methods of Game Cheating

There are various methods of cheating on online video games such as the modification of run-time data, memory editing, code injection, saved game editors and network traffic forgery. These heating modes are enabled by robots known as video game bots. They imitate human behaviours to perform activities to a player’s advantage. Of course you can also cheat ”legally” if you use various bonuses. This is easy to do in today’s online casino environment. Such bonuses could be found on sites like

Modifying the game data is done when the game is running by breaching a software license agreement that forbids changing the program. Some players manipulate the memory hardware of a console or home computer by attaching a cheat cartridge to its interface port which modifies the game code before or after its completion.

Measures to Counter Cheating in Games

Several measures have been developed to counter cheating in games such as imposing penalties to a player’s performance such as the input of Wolfenstein 3-D’s ILM code that gives a player full lives and ammunition then later resets the player’s score to nil. Some games are disabled automatically if cheating occurs.

Some disclaimers such as “CHEATED” are put above a player’s name on the performance board if cheats were used in the portal game. Another measure that is frequently used to curb cheating in some games, is that once a cheat is detected, the player is blocked from completing their game.